Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Card Picture

A couple of weeks before Christmas we decided it would be a good idea to go to the park and take a couple of pictures for our Christmas card this year. This was our first year actually mailing out Christmas cards. Last year I went out and bought cards, wrote them out to people and never mailed them! Don't be too shocked, everyone knows that I am a big procrastinator and I'm married to one. So I was determined to get them done and in the mail this year. And I did. Anyway we went to the park and it was starting to get dark. Angie and her family came too so we could get a picture of their family. It was SO cold out that we all got out of the car and posed really fast, and both mine and Angie's camera's would not work! I think it was way to cold. We finally got one of the cameras to work long enough to take one picture of each of our families and then we all ran to our cars to get warm. And as crazy as we are that was the night we all went to Temple Square to see all of the Christmas lights. It was really fun but cold.