Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mickey mouse

As most of you know, we are going to California to visit family and have a vacation. While we are there we are going to Disneyland so Kaden can have his first (of many) Disneyland experiences. He is so excited and cant stop talking about it. As some of you know I hate clothes with characters on them, but I promised my mom that I would allow Kaden to get a Mickey shirt to wear to Disneyland. So today Kaden and I went to Target and found a Mickey shirt. He was so excited that we had to call my mom and tell her and also send her a picture of it. He really enjoys talking to her on the phone its cute. So anyway after we get home I go to hang up the shirt and a couple of other clothes we bought and he threw a big tantrum because he wanted to wear the shirt now and go with grandma to the "mousey's house" To get him to calm down we called my mom so he could talk and then she tells him he can wear it. So basically I was over ruled and here is a picture of spoiled Kaden in his new mousey shirt! Im such a pushover when it comes to that cute face.


cheloni said...

He is so cute!! Good for him for knowing how to get what he wanted. You better be a nice mom and buy him the Mickey ears at Disneyland to go with his cute shirt!!