Monday, July 14, 2008

Yard Work

Today I finally gave in and went outside and attempted to trim all of the trees and bushes. We have gardeners that come every week, I'm not sure why since nothing gets done but the lawn mowed. I have tried to argue that point with the land lord but anyone that knows him knows that he is not nice so I didn't get very far. Anyways I decided that I didn't want our house to look like trash. Kaden and I went outside and I started to trim all of the bushes in front of our windows, unfortunately I discovered that tons of bee's/wasps/yellow jackets hang out there! I am allergic and terrified of all of those bugs. So the whole time I was bobbing and weaving trying not to get stung, and guess what I did get stung!! By a wasp! So I am done! No more trimming for me. I hope that my sting is OK and I don't have to go to the Dr. We will see I guess!

Friday, July 11, 2008

So smart

On wednesday Kaden and I went grocery shopping. He is growing and learning so much so fast and I thought I would share a funny conversation we had.

We are in the grocery store shopping and I told Kaden he could pick one treat and If he was good the whole time we would buy it. He quickly informs me he wants ice cream. So we go down the aisle and he picks what he wants. So for the next fifteen minutes all I hear him say is "mommy can I open it? mommy can I open it?" and as most of you know if you have kids they will repeat something over and over until they think you are listening. So I said "not until we pay for it" and then right away he looks at me with that cute face and says " just say yes mommy" it was hilarious I couldnt stop laughing. I then told him again "no not until we pay for it" and then he says "just say of course you can" he is just so funny lately that I cant stop laughing.

Lake Havasu

Over the 4th of July weekend Chad, Kaden and I drove to Lake Havasu in Arizona and met up with our friends for a great weekend. We had so much fun we didnt want to come home. It was nice to see all of our friends from California that we hardly get to see now. Kaden had a great time and loved the boat so much he is still talking about it and asking if he can go on it. :) Here are some pictures we took out there. I wish I had taken more.

alice and her chad

me and alice

kaden, nick, michelle

the gang (chad 1, chad 2, alice, steve, and steven)

kaden looking out on the water

kaden & nick watching the fireworks


I just wanted to say sorry to all of you that come here to read my blog and expect to see something new! I have been a serious slacker!! Love you all still!