Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Tag

Chey tagged me, so I guess i'm it! I am supposed to post the forth picture in the forth album on my computer, and tell about the picture so here we go

This is a pretty old picture. I think we took it in 2000, we took it in our favorite place we use to go in California its called Sapphire. We use to take the Jeep that we had four wheeling up there. Ahhh memories! :) this was probably the happiest times for Chad and I. So there you go. Forth picture, forth album. Now I tag Kellie, she is the only other person that actually blogs!


cheloni said...

cute picture!

so glad that you played along :)

Dustin and Kellie said...

How cute! My secret, I've always wanted to be tagged! Thanks :)

I already know I am a dork!