Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Eight favorite Tv shows :
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Rachel Ray
All My Children
The Real World
Gossip Girl
Little People Big World
The Hills

Eight things I look forward to:
Seeing my boys every morning when I wake up
Spending time with Chad when he can fit me in
Seeing my family when I can
When my mom & dad in law are in town
My birthday, even though I feel like I'm getting old
Having a girls night with Kellie & Jessica
Summer because I cant wait to break out my flip flops!

Eight favorite places to eat:
Olive Garden
Cafe Rio
Pizza Factory
Training Table
Texas Roadhouse

Eight things on my wish list:
Getting to see my family more often
To have all of my family and friends be happy and healthy
Money, and lots of it. An endless supply would be great.
Summer to come early
I would love to have some superpowers... like a snap of the finger and my house would be clean, another snap and dinner would be made. Boy I am a dreamer
Chad wanting to spend more time with me like he use to.
To have more friends in Utah
To have more fun

Eight people I tag:
Che is the only one that hasn't been tagged yet :)


Dustin and Kellie said...

Ok.. so now that I read yours, maybe I need to revise mine. I like alot of your answers. Speaking of girls night.. Lets get on that! I wanna do a double feature! Just not that into you and Confessions.. What do you say? I know. I know. I can't afford it either(probably more than you), but to dream? Sounds good right?