Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Fun Halloween Party

Chey and her family had a Halloween party on Wednesday night, and we went and had so much fun. The kids loved it. Kaden is still talking about it. They had games and activities planned for the kids. They got to dip apple pieces in chocolate and caramel, make mummy twinkies and play bingo. They also played pass the pumkin. They even danced. The funniest thing is that Jase was dressed as Chewbaca from star wars, and Kaden kept saying he was a horse. We keep correcting him but he just doesn't catch on! It was nice to see all the kids having a good time together. Thanks for inviting us Chey! here are some of the pictures I took...

Mike Wisowski & Hannah Montana

Kaden & his "lady" friend

Pass the pumkin
Kaden putting in vampire teeth
Kaden & Jase