Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Halloween was so much fun this year. I am so glad that Kaden is old enough now to know what to do. He dressed up as Mike Wisowski from the movie Monster's Inc. He looked so cute. We went trick or treating with Jody, Angie & Keith. Kaden and Jody had so much fun. I have to admit, Kaden embarrassed me a little though. He would bang on peoples doors, and if they put the bowl out for the kids to pick what they wanted he would grab as many candies as his little hand would hold. There was this lady that handed them each one candy and he started yelling " I want two candies!" he even chased her yelling it as she walked back to her house. It was kind of funny. They got so much candy. After trick or treating we went back to Angie's and we made haunted houses out of graham crackers and different candies. It was fun. Except that Kaden kept messing our house up. Jody and Angie had the best house by far!

Kaden & Jody

Taking a break in between houses

Chad had the good idea of bringing the wagon so they didn't get so tired

Trick or Treating at the Patton's

Ethan, Jody, Kaden & Maren sharing a wagon ride!

our not so scary haunted house!

Jody & Angie and their cute house


Dustin and Kellie said...

What wonderful haunted houses!